Keith Sanchez is a career musician, teacher and music camp director. During the school year, Keith is a guitar instructor for RFK high school in the South Valley. During the summer months, he directs the music camp New Mexico Academy of Rock and Blues. You can find him performing in and around New Mexico all year long. Keith is a native New Mexican. 

Ana Romero Sanchez is a photographer, everyday journal writer and woodworker. Keith and Ana live in Albuquerque with their four-year old son, Tobias. Ana is also a native New Mexican.

They will be sharing blogging duties on this page dedicated to the people they meet and the adventures they take with Tobias the Great.

Keith Tobias Ana
Ana, Tobias and Keith – Photo by Nareen Al-Timimi

Ana Romero Sanchez and Keith Sanchez are  combining their creative talents for the forthcoming multimedia eBook, “A Collection of Human Noise – Anthology” to be published by Community Publishing.

Community Publishing brings local artists of all mediums together in creative collaborations for distribution as multimedia eBooks while promoting literacy in our communities.
#JoinOurCommunity at http://communitypublishing.org

We are proud to be a community partner in the Rail Yards Market initiative.


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