A Collection of Human Noise

A Collection of Human Noise:

  • the heartbeats that compose the rhythm
  • the whispers that end the breath
  • the sighs that coax the dream

When I am running through the busy streets of Nob Hill or along the ditch banks of my little hometown, I am always intrigued by the people that I pass. I find myself wishing I had my camera and a notebook to record my wanderings. I am a mouse after the morsels of life they drop as they tread.


Every human being is a narrative to the symphony. The symphony surrounds you.

Collection One – Barefeet New Mexico

Barefeet New Mexico
When people come to visit and request a tour of New Mexico, we always start with the small towns and villages, and the people whose stories have vibrated through lifetimes; laughter and joy, heartache and tears, often flecked with plays of fancy, always told with a sonorous beating heart. Whimsical is alive in New Mexico; it will dance with you if you ask it to.

Barefeet New Mexico
This is a place where the people are like trees in the earth; roots deep in the dirt, limbs that traverse the dusty roads, and arms that reach to be browned by the abundant sun behind the brilliant blue of the sky. In New Mexico, philosophy is as ancient, and infinite, as the dirt.  It is found in the intersections of neon lit downtown Albuquerque, the dusty dirt roads of the small towns that sparkle on the terrain, the living rooms filled with statues of Santos, and the kitchens smelling of green chile, frying bacon and percolating coffee. Versification is something a New Mexican learns in their youth and masters in their lifetime.

The Barefeet New Mexico collection hopes to capture in words and images the heartbeats where the stories dwell.

Ana Romero Sanchez and Keith Sanchez are  combining their creative talents for the forthcoming multimedia eBook, “A Collection of Human Noise – Anthology” to be published by Community Publishing.

Community Publishing
brings local artists of all mediums together in creative collaborations for distribution as multimedia eBooks while promoting literacy in our communities.
#JoinOurCommunity at http://communitypublishing.org

We are proud to be a community partner in the Rail Yards Market initiative.


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